This seminar is reservation-only and can't participate who no reserved.


In registering for participation of the seminar, please see the following items and personal information protection policy and register only if you agree.


  • Information including personal information to be entered by you will be used for work related to run the seminar.
  • Personal information provided by you will not be disclosed or provided to third parties in principle except in the following cases.
    • With your consent
    • When it is decided that it is appropriate to respond from outside the Foundation by inquiries from participants
    • Disclosure of personal information is requested by legal order etc.
  • COINS may take and use photos of you in the venue for use in publications, materials, COINS website, etc.
    *If you do not wish to be taken photos, please contact our staff on the day.


Regarding the handling of personal information of the Kawasaki Industrial Promotion, please confirm the personal information protection policy.